Child marriage is a curse on society

The government has taken several measures to prevent child marriage in the country. In addition, many development and social organizations have implemented awareness-raising programs by organizing meetings and meetings with people, especially the marginalized, to create a child-free country. Public and private initiatives have created great awareness among the country’s population about the consequences of child marriage.

Meanwhile, the government announced that many regions and provinces of the country are free from child marriage. However, the amount of child marriage cannot be reduced unexpectedly. Almost all families in Bangladesh know everything about the consequences of child marriage. But revealing this knowledge or assessing the knowledge, the number of these families is not yet optimistic. In our country, 3 years for girls and 25 years for boys are set for a correct marriage. Previously, child or daughter marriage meant child marriage. Several steps are taken to raise awareness, including punishment, to require parents to stop marriage regularly. Private marriage with the finger also appears in the eye. However, this childhood or childhood disorder does not stop in any way.

In the villages of our country, the city of Panchayat was once celebrating festive colors and vivid colors. The wedding ceremony means all the fun. But for the time being, such a ruling is not very striking. Now, on average, more than half the average number of marriages in the country is done through casual events. Somewhere in the world there is a very secret marriage that even strangers don’t know the news. It is also seen that the marriage takes place in a house, while people do not know him in the next house. Why do you marry a secret? Why save so much? What’s the reason? In fact, the only reason, once in our country there was no age for marriage. It was also found in the study that in the fifties or sixties, a girl aged six to seven years was married in this field until the marriage of a 4-year-old boy.

Despite the marriage of the parents of both parties, the bride and groom did not know what marriage was. Although no news has been reported about the marriage of girls between the ages of 6 and 7, news of a 4-year-old marriage to a 8-12-year-old girl is still being heard in many villages. . Somewhere in the poorest families of poor children in the region affected by the marriage of the elderly in the region. Especially in remote rural areas, child marriage is very reserved. Local audience representatives, the president, and local judge assisted in these marriages. It is also worth noting that audience representatives tend to increase the age of the girl or boy or change the name. In many cases, village social leaders know about these marriages. They remained silent despite news of organizing weddings in secret. Sometimes, after protesting after realizing society’s awareness of childhood, the girl’s family was told that young people at school or at home were harming the girl.

The girl must be expelled from problems quickly. Some poor families are said to be a burden to some families. Then, marriage, it becomes good, rich or immigrant. There are many excuses for early marriage. In some places, the person who teaches marriage gives a fatwa in six and seven years of marriage since the foundation of the world, and no one has been injured. Why now, once again, it was discovered that Maulvi Sahib had been invited to marry.

Childbirth is the leading cause of most maternal deaths at a young age.

If he did not want to attend childhood, the socialists forced him to study in childhood. In this case, if a conscious person or department attends a wedding meeting after receiving the news, the new birth certificate that they recently purchased will be displayed. When one attends a wedding, humanity is served too. It is said: “If marriage is broken today, I will not be able to meet this girl in front of society.” Many parents in the countryside think about his family’s honor, believing that he is a very poor man in society. From the day her daughter was born, a mountain exploded in her head.

Since that day, his life has been dark in his thoughts! When a girl grows a little, the parent’s level of thinking doubles. According to some, the head of the family started working day and night after 8-12 years. As if he could marry anyway, he survived. Oh really? Did the family owner survive his daughter’s marriage at an immature age? In many cases, these ideas have proven to be wrong. The family owner destroyed the beautiful future of his daughter in his hands. Also drowned in the darkness of Amansha darkness. The first thing that often happens after one girl marries is that in our society, after a few days, the girl leaves her husband’s home and does not want to return to her husband’s home. When the dolls are at stake, only if they are locked up in a family chain, the loss exceeds the gain.

When the parents could no longer persuade her, Susie no longer sent her husband home; then the socialists sat in the court of justice. Or parents, the police, the court, to pass the time. In the case of early marriage, marriage is often performed through divorce. Today, such incidents occur in our society. The results revealed that most currently divorced husbands are victims of child marriage. Then I should be aware of child marriage, all of you. The main cause of maternal and infant mortality in the country is the fact that the mother is less than five years old.

Experts say the teenage maternal mortality rate is four times higher than that of adult mothers. According to unofficial statistics, 5 percent of girls in Bangladesh get married before the age of six. The risk of maternal or infant mortality is very high due to early marriage. In many cases, the underage girl does not have sufficient knowledge about how to care for a child as a mother. This can lead to the death of the mother and the baby.

Child marriage is likely to have negative impacts, including violence against women, the risk of maternal mortality, premature pregnancy, the risk of childbirth, reproductive health problems, low education rates, dropout rates and decreased ability. From women to depend economically on themselves. For this reason, people of different classes and professions should participate in anti-marriage measures, along with government and private development agencies, to escape the curse of children. Experts believe that it is possible to reduce the maternal and infant mortality rate by taking concerted action. Finally, do not sacrifice your immature daughter for your desires. You will pay the cost of your marriage, the cost of the property or dowry, according to the needs of the parties.

You will see that the girl will stop as soon as she studies. There may be a large number of officers in a public or private institution. Then the streak of the children of the best family in society will drop to marry her. The current government introduces new books that offer scholarships on January 5 each year to educate all children. In addition, there is an opportunity to study for free. Why do you push your child to grind it because he eats food? Let us all be aware and together we will leave the child to a united childhood society.

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