The overall development of Haor is urgent

Hauranchal is a deposit of natural resources. Bangladesh’s population is growing rapidly, but wealth is not increasing. The haor region can play an important role in solving these problems. Not only because of geographical diversity; from the perspective of economic, social, cultural and natural beauty, there are also huge potentials for success. The economic and cultural history of Hower is extremely rich. There was a time when the best pearls were exported from the hawers and rivers of the region in remote Europe. Ghee, butter, cheese, etc. They were famous all over India. It will also be exported to these countries. Difficult to find delicious fish as freshwater fish from Hauranchal. We know that the manga in the northern part of the Prime Minister has intentionally disappeared.

The northern manga region has now created crops and jobs. I think the Prime Minister will also be able to reduce the uncertainty in the harvest due to the early ejection of the footnotes. Howard’s appearance will change within 5 years if the big plan is implemented in a coordinated and planned manner. The Haor and Wetlands Development Council of Bangladesh works on Hor’s development perspectives. Our president is the son of the Horbids region. Dear Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina is interested in developing Hor. Then I can say Hor is now interested in multi-dimensional capabilities.

In light of my brief thoughts about the frost, I propose several suggestions for implementing the Howe Plan. It is important to take a permanent and effective initiative to protect haor cultivation. 2. It is important to restore Haor farmers from unilateral accreditation. 3. To prevent premature ejaculation producers, more productive varieties of rice should be developed in less time. 4. Establishing agriculture-based industries and creating alternative job opportunities for the residents of Al-Hawari for a period of six months during monsoons. 5. The diversity in agricultural production, integrated farming, increased crop density will make food stocks the next day. In addition, it would be beneficial to use modern agricultural technology-based machinery for the cultivation and harvesting of Haor rice.

Locals speculate that up to 5 percent of the poplar will be solved by digging rivers, canals, canals, ponds and dams that are permanently flooded. On the issue of development, a work-oriented educational system must be implemented in the Haor region. In order to promote medical care and education in the Haor District, teachers and doctors must create incentives by allocating housing and special benefits. Initiatives must be taken to protect the natural environment and cultural heritage of Hor. In addition to creating natural habitats for rice, fish, birds, and kurash, it is necessary to study soil and water. Howor tourism popularity needs great publicity and publicity. Facebook, YouTube and websites play a role in promoting online. This must be determined by negotiating with the tour operators.

Due to the fact that the tourist centers are not built, tourists who come to Haor should read differently. If the government considers the tourism sector in Hur is an important financial sector in two seasons, it could become a large financial sector. The Bangladesh company requires that these places are provided by Khalejuri, Mohangan, Tentulia, Kishorejang, Nickeley, Brahamanbaria, Sonamjang, Taharbur, Madinagar, Bulajang, Takirhat, Habijang, Mulpepazar and Jamalborganj. If these arrangements are confirmed, Haoraanchal Tourism will gain great popularity.

There will be a lot of income in the tourism sector.

There will be huge job opportunities. To exploit Haor development potential, measures must be taken to implement development projects based on discussions with local residents, holding meetings and seminars, and inspecting the area based on work and employment, a type of nature, and infrastructure characteristics. The Human Resources Development Council should be strengthened through administrative, infrastructure, technological and economic aspects. Increase the scope of activities that include monitoring, data collection, inspection, advertising, publishing and research by increasing the workforce on the council. Hold advisory meetings, workshops, or book and book workshops, literary and cultural activists in Haoranchal, and write to take advantage of Haor’s beauty and potential. Honoring journalists and writers every year for promoting horror reports, publications and writings. 

The University Scholarship Committee (UGC) has approved the establishment of a new institution called the “Hawar and Logo Development Institute” with human resources at Bangladesh Agricultural University, Mymensingh (BKB) under the supervision of President Muhammad. Now I request the establishment of the “University of Hawer”. Because of the route through the harbor, communications improved but water, sanitation and fisheries could not move freely which is why frequent colverts must be installed on the road. The fertility of the cultivated soil will spread everywhere.

The mobile area of ​​the fish will increase. The production of biodiesel in Haour saw oil might be a breakthrough. In India, kerosene fuel, cooking, pumping machines, trailers and tractors are also used in India; used to operate buses, trucks, generators, etc. Crude oil is used in fuels, lubricants, soap factories, leather processing and paint. Its oil is used as a medicine to treat acne pain, dermatitis. Crunch oil and dried leaves are used to suppress insects. Coricolor is used as food for birds. Applying a tissue on the soil increases soil fertility and works against nematodes. In addition, many believe that horses are a better ingredient for biogas than cow manure. Black Haor soil is affordable, readily available and wood burns longer than other fuels because demand for it increases day by day.

The black soil is 3 feet 5 feet deep on a dry and dry riverbed. This black soil is affordable, readily available and burns longer than other fuels, including wood. It is possible to think of producing the right vegetables and crops for a full six months. The production of mustard, farmers, legumes, corn, wheat and winter vegetables in the soil should be encouraged. Sugar cane can be grown in the rainy season, whether floating vegetables can be grown. Realistic and sustainable Haor development will be possible if the project is implemented on a project basis. Finally, the government took steps to formulate and implement short and long-term plans to harness the huge potential of Hur. Now a conscious role for haorbasi is essential in implementing this great plan. This is the expectation that the Hawor Advocacy Network will assume this role.

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