Upazila chairman UNO faces

Upazila heads should contact the ministry or government at any stage, through the Executive Director (UNO). Presidents are angry and very dissatisfied with such guidance from the Ministry of Local Government. They feel offended. They say, where is the direct contact all the time, why is this system today? In this, he faces the head of the United Nations in the field administration. In addition to issuing an order from the local government administration, a separate office order for car use was issued by the president, citing senior UN officials. An uproar was created between the head of Upazila.

Presidents say that not only has their authority been reduced, they are also insulted by issuing these orders. The President of Ubazila says that the Awami League is the head of the party in almost every diocese of Ubazila in the country. However, the administration is trying to comply with everything. Presidents have no chance to work. Instead, the office order imposes itself on the idea of ​​tying hands and feet. These problems were not resolved even after the local government informed Minister Tagul Islam. Indeed, bureaucracy also has its roots at the field level. The sources said that on January 20, an office order was issued with the signature of Upazila-1 Branch Deputy Secretary, Numeri Zaman, from the local government department. He is known as the “CEO” of Obzila Barishad.

The order states that Upazilas executives will correspond to all matters relating to Upazila Parishad as CEO. That is, if the upazila chiefs want to contact the Ministry of Local Government or any other ministry or government office from the Office of the Deputy Commissioner (DC), they should do so through the United Nations, the Executive Director. Directly they (heads upazila) can not exchange any speech. Presidents say the president is the CEO of Obzela Barishad. It has jurisdiction over where to contact who. The UN Executive Director has organized correspondence through him to reduce the workspace of the President of Upazila The Upazila-1 branch of the Ministry of Local Government issued another office order on February 4 regarding the use of the zip code vehicle designated for the head of upazila.

The order states that the assigned zip code has no opportunity to use it outside the neighborhood or province without permission from the authorities. If it appears that it has been used outside its own region or region without permission, the concerned upazila chief will have to bear responsibility for this and actions will be taken in accordance with Article 4 of the Upazila Act. These two presidential orders angered the upazila chiefs across the country. “Instead of passing the law passed by the distinguished Prime Minister, Republican officials do not only nullify the law by issuing new notifications.

To control the elected council, but also reject the elected representatives,” said Domki Obasila, president of the Association of Benzill or Zaryad Paraishad, Dumke Obasila, president of Haroun Ur Rashid Howler. It also disputes decentralization. “The President of Bangladesh is Secretary-General of the Ubazila Barishad Association. Saif al-Islam Khan Peruvo told the daily newspaper:“ The presidents are elected as general representatives. All the time, they were in direct contact with the ministry and their superiors. And now, suddenly, the Executive Director of the United Nations Office has been told that there should be correspondence. By this, the powers of the presidents are almost diminished and insulted. Saif al-Islam said: “The letter of car use has been insulted by the heads of upazila.

This message has not been delivered to the United Nations or the capital. This is a dual administration policy. This is absolutely not desirable.” He said, “UNO, DC, the head of upazila use all government cars. The president knows how much power they have. It is not necessary to give a message. Upazila’s heads are not irresponsible. Additionally, UNO and DC serve two or three years in a region, they don’t have No commitment, but presidents are overt representatives, and they have to think about winning the next election in addition to their five-year service. Several responsibilities of the president. ”Dr. Tufail Ahmed told the Bangladesh daily:“ Misuse of the car takes place.

Then the attack must stop. It is not only With opazylate, and cars are abused at all levels of government Of. ” I don’t say anything about that. ”After that, there is no need to give a new speech. When asked about the appointment of UNO as CEO, Dr. Tufail Ahmed said: Who is the Secretary of Upazila Parishad? There is no secretary when the United Nations was given a letter referring to the CEO, who is He should have mentioned the CEO of Ubzilla? He did not, and the President is the Executive Director of the Council. But this does not happen. There are secretaries in city and municipal companies, zilla parishad and unions. But not in upazila. It must be fixed first. Tufail Ahmed added: ‘UNO has been appointed as the chair of several committees at the level of upazila. But why? President, Vice President does not have a job here!’

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