Bashundhara Bitumin Plant Big Achievement for Country: Finance Minister

The Bashundhara Oil and Gas Limited bitumen plant, and the embodiment of the Bashundhara Group, the country’s main industrial family, was opened yesterday. Speaking on the occasion, Finance Minister Ahmed Mustafa Kemal expressed his enthusiasm for the first bitumen factory in the country, saying that Bashundhara bitumen is a major achievement for Bangladesh. Class Bashundhara bitumen plant with the dream of the nation’s father. She said: “Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina has talked about the value of bitumen several times.

It is not necessary to import more. It can be exported to meet the country’s demand. We are pleased with the government thanks to Bhandundhara. The Minister of Finance delivered a speech yesterday at the opening ceremony of the Bashundhara Bitumen Factory in Pangoon in Keraniganj, Dhaka. The Minister of State for Energy, Energy and Mineral Resources, Nasr Al-Hamid, delivered a speech to the private guest chaired by the President of the Bashndara Group, Ahmed Akbar Subhan. Former President of the Institute of Engineers in Bangladesh – IEB Prof. Dr. Shameem Z. Bassunia and the head of Keraniganj upazila Shaheen Ahmed.

The President of Bashundhara Group welcomed the Minister of Finance with flowers. The Minister of State for Energy, Energy and Mineral Resources, Sim Subhan Anvar, Managing Director of Pashundhara Group, received Zohour. Vice President of Bashundhara Sadat Sobhan Tanvir, Vice President of Bashundhara Safiyat Sobhan Sanvir, Walid Sobhan, Daily Bangladesh Editor-in-Chief and CEO of News-Based TV News twenty-four attended. In addition to senior officials of the Bashundhara Group, senior officials from various public and private organizations attended. Finance Minister Ahmed Mostafa Kamal said that the country, headed by Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, is heading for a prosperous economy. The economy is moving towards prosperity as the state develops private investment with full support from the government. He said, “5 percent of the country’s demand is imported from abroad.” Bitumen is no longer necessary for Bashundhara’s luxury.

We believe that the bitumen produced in our country will go abroad to meet local demand. He said: “We have not found the continent that fits our climate. I could not maintain the quality of excellence after importing. That is why the roads were not sustainable. But Basandhara found this solution. “Today (yesterday) is a historic day. We will celebrate the birthday of Bangabandhu. The private sector is on its way to create a golden dream of Bangla from Bangabandhu. Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina will fulfill her father’s dream. The Bashundhara Group is At the forefront of those who have advanced to provide job opportunities for thousands of people to fulfill this dream. The government is working to build the Bengali Bengali. In these sectors, thousands of people have been employed during the current government. Private companies are working to develop the Bashundhara community. There is no alternative to public or private services Striped city.

Today Bashundhara has made this bitumen factory.

 Ahmed Akbar Subhan, President of the Bashundhara Group, one of the country’s major industrial groups, said: “If the country’s situation today, if it had been Bangabandhu, it would have taken that position 20 years ago. The father of the nation Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman is the main source of encouragement for all of us. Bangladesh was once called the never-ending basket, and today everyone is looking at Bangladesh. ” The head of the Bashundhara Group said: “Our Bashundhara Group has established five factories so far. Huge housing. One of the characteristics of the Bashundhara Group: This group does not just do it on its own. Those who bought lands in the Bashundhara Group are billionaires today. In those days, those Those who bought and sold the land from the Bashundhara group are also happy and happy. President of Bashundhar Ahmed Akbar S. Bahan: “I just want to say two things about Sheikha Hasina, the honorable daughter of Punjabandu.

At the first rehabilitation meeting, the Prime Minister said that all members of the rehabilitation are wealthy. Merchants will cooperate for this sport. Today, the contribution of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina to the position of cricket in Bangladesh is 5 percent. He asked about his encouragement, his personal relationship with cricket, every phone he spoke to on the phone, and SMS. Even if someone is gaining weight, the Prime Minister said: “Lose your weight.” Ahmed Akbar Subhan said: “Given the encouragement of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina, our youth won the Under-4 World Cup today. Bangladesh is the world champion today. We can say, at least 5 years, we will be champions in the World Cup one day. From the world, God willing, that day may not be far away. ” He said: “Bangladesh is a trademark in cricket. Everyone knows Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina knows, knows Punjabandu, and knows our Bangladeshi economy … For example, Jagannath University wanted the first 5 acres of land.

Then the Prime Minister asked:” What is the university With this acre? In this Keraniganj, the Prime Minister gave a thousand great lands. Jagannath University is in this acre. We start with the motivation that Bangabandhu continues today with stimulus Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. ”She said:“ The Prime Minister is encouraging industrialists. “Create industries and push the country forward. I am on your side today,” said the prime minister. Today, children return to their highly educated homes abroad. For this reason, there is a business environment in the country and opportunities are increasing.

We have not seen a single strike in the past five years. I have not seen any unexpected events. A time has passed, we used to sit every day with our hands on the cheeks, when the strike stopped, when the siege will be closed, and when will the burning stop, and the Prime Minister The entire country and the country are grateful to the Prime Minister, And today is fine, Ahmed Akbar Subhan, a senior industrialist in the country, suggested that remittance inflows increased by 5 percent in a decision taken by The First. The Minister and the Minister of Finance also announced a cash incentive of 2 per cent to send remittances by legal means, thus increasing remittances in the country by 5 per cent! I would like to say to the distinguished Prime Minister and to the Minister of Finance, stop Indian. As you can see, the charge will double in comparison with the present. About three billion dollars in remittances will arrive in the country every month. The reason is one: everyone has improved, they go and will be. We wish Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina a long life. “

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