We will liberate the leader or imprison

“We are going to imprison the commander, not his release, in the next movement,” said Almagir Sarkar, head of the Bangladesh National Party for the Nilvamari district. Leaders and activists prepare for the movement. Now, I’m just waiting for the call. He said: “The Awami League runs the country in a self-governing manner, and keeps the former Prime Minister, Begum Khaleda Zia, in prison with a false case. The way in which the BNP leaders and activists joined the anti-government movement in the past, this time, the movement will show more strength. There A strong feeling, especially among the leaders and employees. The team was strong at the grassroots level, the BNP vote increased. Algir Sarkar said that there are 4 regions, 3 unions, 8 Obazila and municipal units in the region.

A committee was formed through these conferences. He said that those who were exposed Torture, and victims of wrongful cases, imprisoned Those who work alongside the party in misery will be evaluated in the new committee. We want to have a good committee with everyone so that the Nilphamari BNP is not divided. He said that the government is destroying the constitutional institutions in the country. The opposition leaders and activists are not getting sufficient justice because of the government’s control Commenting on the General Ledger column for development, he said that development was done by the leaders and employees of the Awami League. All fingers are bananas. Leaders and activists clean sugar cane with corruption. She said, surely a democratic government will come to power with the fall of Sheikh Hasina’s government through the movement. He is just waiting. The main leaders of the Awami League, once again, want to work for the party and people with new incentives. Meanwhile, BNP neighborhood congratulated the leaders and activists after the conference. The process of forming a full commission has begun.

Preparation of a full-fledged committee in two major parties

The entire Awami League in Nilfari County is trying to get candidates. On December 3, after three long years, the Awami League’s three-year conference was held. In this, Nilphamari’s mayor, Diwan Kamal Ahmed, was elected president and general secretary of Attorney Imtiaz Al-Haq. Vice-Chairmen of the Commission say that faithful believers of the Mujib faith and former leaders of the Chatra Association along with sacrifices should obtain a place on this committee. Especially during the BNP-Community government, dedicated movement workers and leaders involved in BCL policy should be evaluated in the 1990s. Former student leader Mizanur Rahman, secretary of the recently abolished committee from the Awami League in the province, said that people who practiced politics at different times since the early 1990s had not been evaluated in the party. Although there were two or four people, they could not do their jobs properly. According to party sources, the Awami League county conference was held on the 25th after a long respite. Without a long conference, there were not many opportunities for a leader to create and evaluate employees.

This year, the conference will bring some special changes. The Awami League district attorney, Imtiaz Al-Haq, said the party and the government had been working very successfully because of the effective leadership of the daughter of Punjabandhu, Sheikh Hasina. As people go to government for a third term, the expectations of people, as well as employees, have increased. Meanwhile, BNP congratulated the leaders and activists after the conference. The process of forming a full commission has begun. The conference was held in the presence of the Secretary-General of BNP on January 5. Almagir was elected President and Secretary-General of the Government, Zahour Alam. Plan of applicants for a place on the commission. Local leaders demanded, that qualified and loyal party personnel must be absorbed here. “The BNP is a big party. Not everyone has the opportunity to be on the committee. The examiners will be evaluated. We have to analyze the situation of those who have been tortured or imprisoned, especially by the Awami League government. We will definitely evaluate the existing one,” said Zahnul Alam’s Secretary General, Zahurul Alam.

On the way, he said: Soon we will send the committee to the center. It will be published if approved. Meanwhile, an invitation committee of 9 members from the government partner, Japan, has been formed, but the party has not been able to organically expand the rules. In May last year, they could not hold a meeting. A unity conference could not be held For the leaders of Japa, the Jatiya Party is much stronger. Public support is increasing day by day. A member of the Nilfari-1 constituency, Adel Adil Rahman, has been convened, and a committee has been formed with Shahjan Ali Chaudhry, President of the Kundukukur Barishad Union of Sadar Ozila. Jatia to the party, the party’s nephew, Ghulam Muhammad Kawad, will be able to strengthen the party.

He works with this goal. Local leaders in Japan say: “Even if there is union with the Awami League, it is only noticed during the vote. “They do not evaluate us the rest of the time. There is anger among Japanese leaders and activists. “On the one hand, the left parties were in crisis. There are no organizational activities in the region, including the Labor and the left parties in Jasad (Inu). Left leaders are now preoccupied with personal work.” On the other hand, the group’s activities in Nilphamari are not seen on The public, but the party organization program remains a secret, and here a group quietly retained its organizational position.

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