Two tester systems need to be removed

Since the fifth BCS exam, the written test booklet has been sent to two examiners. Average number is set. The difference between the numbers given to them is more than 20 percent for the third examiner. Previously, the examiner saw the booklet. His final number was considered. Of course, not all reviewers view the book with equal interest. Their assessment criteria should not be the same. Therefore, the Public Works Committee (PSC) may have introduced a double checker system into the written test due to the greater transparency issue. Their deliberations were late in the unprecedented and late BCS test.

In the British domain, such tests were introduced to appoint officials. The accountant was seen by the examiner. The system is still operating in India and Pakistan. Was he there too? But the rules change from BCS 5th. It takes additional time as a result. It has been a long time since independence here. He has been in this field for four years. However, in the long run, it was reduced to about two and a half years. But in the fifth BC it would be like three years. On March 25, 8.23 ​​candidate exams appeared. Based on his books, he stated that 1,212 people passed the written test on July 7, 2009.

The written test took only 6 months. The oral test has just ended. Test results were released on March 7, 2010. On December 26 of that year, 20,222 candidates appeared in the first exam versus 2,221 jobs. The initial evaluation is done through a computer. So it does not take that long. We could not maintain the tradition in the Indian subcontinent after completing the civil service test in one year. After approaching a little, he turned again. Despite receiving the PSC recommendation, the Ministry of Public Administration will take another year. It took about a month.

On March 27, a BCS examiner who was about 5 years old will be appointed in early 2021, at the age of five if nominated. Will work for 25 years. Therefore, we waste time in national life in different ways. It is worth noting that the second test system is unrealistic. And why do we do this? The second exam organizes master’s, master’s, and public university exams. However, it is not known whether all universities exist. Many universities affiliated with the National University receive honors and MA courses. The proof is. There is only one test. The concept of the second test is not presented here.

PSC has not provided the final result yet.

Many of them succeed in their children’s lives. And if there is no second test, everything is volatile. Students earn honors and masters degrees from public universities and more colleges from national universities. The discussion about private universities is unnecessary. PSC will recommend the appointment of more than two thousand candidates through initial, written and oral exams for several Lakah candidates. Your intellectual audit simply happens. In fact, more than three million falls into the primary. Here, it was easy for the public and private image to take the exam in two parts. Special arrangements have been made to find doctors in BCS. He was also appointed a member of the administrative apparatus. It has become unified among the cadres.

It is not that they have any discrimination with other cadres. Instead, they managed to join the work in less time. Some candidates for private cadres cannot follow the introductory stage due to standardized criteria. However, the demand for a professional life for doctors, engineers, agriculturalists, and teachers is different from the demand for regular employees. Professional knowledge of employment is done only after proper verification. Like the generic image, it is unnecessary and time consuming to put it in exam mode. It is necessary to take the initiative for reform. He is one of the subject examiners in a public university. The number of students is limited. Criticisms are not presented on time.

The examiner is responsible for the university’s authorities.

There has been no such complaint recently. The second examiner is usually a professor in the same department at another university. They depend on each other. Then it does not matter. No one is responsible for the delay in publishing the results. PSC, on the other hand, does not have a fleet of testers. This is not possible now the need to double. It is normal to have such delays when showing an account with a borrower test. The BCS test is conducted for the purpose of employment in the Republic’s civil service. She does not have many posts. However, there are many candidates. So this selection is very strict. Many worked hard in the playoffs and retirees. You are reading written and oral. His next step is also missing some of his featured reports. Let this episode go unnoticed today. Until the PSC authority is published, after verbal examination, the results are announced until the recommendation is sent to the government.

Lately, they have avoided such regular disorder as leakage of question documents. This success is no less. However, the shorter the selection period, the more the government will benefit from the exam. Those who have left can try any other job. Because of the selection process, many people lost their jobs in government. That’s right, BCS test results are published every year. Recommendation for appointment to the government. However, it is disappointing to see when the test is. The recommendation for the fifth BCS designation discussed may come soon. The test is announced on page 20. As such, the PSC has traditionally not been able to continue the recruitment process, such as India and Pakistan. From there, employment takes place within a year.

However, the long delay was somewhat reduced from the PSC hall. But back in 8 BCS. The main reason for this is to spend extra time evaluating the written test answer sheet. This is mainly due to a double test. A third test, of course, is also necessary. He is not doing so now at the National University of Honor and Masters. I’ve never done this on a PSC level. The extra time they take to make the evaluation more transparent is unacceptable. If there is a continuation of the past, this is enough. It is not recommended to increase the complexity of the situation by doing it more accurately. Therefore, the PSC may consider in particular the issue of raising the two test systems in continuing the entire previous BCS and following the common tradition of the subcontinent.

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