Party trials and vote judgments

“Kadambini was killed, and he did not die.” The leadership of the Awami League has demonstrated the non-nomination of Saeed Khokun and A.A. Similar complaints have been received from the mayors elected to the opposition that they may or may not work because of the government’s lack of cooperation. Many opposition mayors have spent prison terms in the past. But Southern Mayor Saeed Khokun and AJM Nasir of Chittagong had no opportunity to make these accusations. They were unable to show any visible work despite the full cooperation of the government.

Atiq Islam was chosen for the second time for North City Company. Several days after the mayor of Anisole al-Haq, the city company was left without protection. Partial elections were postponed because the government did not trust any party leader. Businessman Atiqul Islam won the party’s candidacy several years ago. The Awami League did not have to compete because the BNP did not participate in the partial elections.

Two civilian and Chittagong City companies were elected on the same day in 27 days, but due to legal complications, elections are held this time on a different date. The cities of Dhaka were chosen on February 7. The Awami League nominated three candidates in three city companies. Anisole right in the north of Dhaka, Said Khokun in the south and AJM Nasser in Chittagong. Of these, Anisul Haque received only two years of work. The other two worked as mayor throughout the period, but they were not able to solve the city’s problems. Anisul Haque showed that within two years, the other two mayors had been unable to do so within five years. As a result, neither party received the nomination. According to party sources, they failed to meet expectations that Saeed Khokun and AJM Nasir had become mayors.

The Secretary-General of the Al-Najjar branch in the south of the Awami League also spoke about the tension and the reflection of the mayor’s relationship with the city’s mayor. Saeed Khokun made a turnover on November 7, with a demonstration of Awami League activists next to the Pearl Harbor Community Center in Azambur. The leadership of the Chittagong Awami League faces many conflicts with the mayor of Chittagong, Nasser. The followers of the mayor of Nasser from the University of Chittagong University, Chatraj, are divided into four, while the followers of the Deputy Minister of Education, Mahipul Hasan, are divided into two parts. Before the Dhaka City Foundation elections, the Secretary General of the Awami League, Obaid al-Kadir, said, “The popular, acceptable, and transparent candidates will be nominated for the electorate.” This simply means that the mayor was unable to give a transparent picture to the party and the Khokun or Nasser voters were no longer acceptable to all.

Saeed Khokun said that, praise be to God, he did not receive the party’s nomination. He thanked the leader’s decision. AJM Nasser says he was a victim of lies, not politics, propaganda and conspiracy. Whoever perpetrated this conspiracy, who has spread against him, should be informed in public. He also said that he would work for the candidate of the Reza Karim Chaudhry party at City Corporation. For any government, partial or local elections are a great test. If this test is fair and the ruling party candidate can pass, the government will have to gain popularity. If your candidates fail, you will realize that popularity has collapsed. When Pakistan was founded at nine, the Muslim League was victorious everywhere. But the young Shamsul Haq (Secretary General of the Awami League) was later elected a member of the governing body in East Bengal by beating the Muslim League candidate Khurram Khan in a partial election in Tangail on March 7.

Awami League has not yet formed. The Awami League was formed on June 20 of that year. Given the results of those partial elections, it was not hard to imagine that the day of the Muslim League’s government had ended. The Muslim League was mired in general elections. There was no election commission at the time. The deputy commissioners held the elections, but no elections were discussed at all. There were no reports of fraud or theft of ballot papers. In Bangladesh, there were allegations of coercion and fraud in national, partial elections or local government agencies. During the first government under Khaleda Zia, rigging of partial elections in Magura led to major floods in the country. Our politicians do not learn from history. Loves to teach others from power.

On February 7, only 2 percent of the electorate voted in the two company elections in the city. 5 percent of the electorate did not vote. Previously, the partial elections in Chittagong were less than 20 percent. The three were chosen in EVM or electronic voting machines. As far as the controversy over the EVM was able to stop the night or the vote disappeared. Even if the Electoral Commission wishes, it cannot show 20 to 5 percent. In this context, Chittagong City Corporation elections and six seats will be held at Jatiya Sangsad from March to April. According to the schedule, the partial elections for the Dhaka 1, Gaibandha-3 and Bagerhat-1 constituencies from Jatiya Sangsad will be held on March 25. Although Bogra-3 and Jessore-3 did not announce the partial elections, the Awami League candidate in all six seats was finalized.

Shavul Islam Mohiuddin, Shaheen Chakladar from Jessore 3, Ohm Kalsum in Gaybandha-5, Suhadara Manan in Bogra-4 and Amirul Islam in Bagherhat-4 received the nomination. On the other hand, Sheikh Rabi` Alam is in Dhaka Department -6 and Kazi Khair Zaman in Bagherhat-5 and Jaybandha-1 in the seat. Syed Minol Hassan nominated Sadiq. The party has not yet finished with its candidate in the city of Chittagong and three other seats. The BNP said it would go to the polls as part of the movement. We believe that the Awami League nomination board made the right decision by electing the city’s mayor.

But we must also remember that party nomination is not an election. Elections are an opportunity for voters to vote freely. In the last elections, voters did not have this opportunity. The guarantees that will be obtained in the upcoming elections are not obtained from the Electoral Commission or the ruling party. They find an atmosphere of festivals when the number of voters is high, and if it is less, they are an example of a developed country. Those who are above the debate and do not have a history of misconduct have been nominated in the municipal elections if the statement of the Secretary General of the Awami League is accurate.

If all parties nominate these people, then we can get good representatives. But the prerequisite for this is to ensure a fair and equitable voting environment, with equal access to all candidates and parties. Elections that no party supporters will control in and out of the center, and no party supporters will escape. Awami League leaders say: What should we do if BNP leaders and workers do not come to the center? I’d like to remind you that during 20-23 BNP leaders were used to saying the same thing about the Awami League. If he neglected the partial elections, he would have questioned the eligibility of the Awami League candidate. If the BNP leaders did not speak at the time, then what the leaders of the Awami League say now cannot be a hawk. In a country where people vote as a festival, the presence of 20 or 20 percent of the electorate is not normal. Create a fair electoral environment and see the percentage of voters who go to the polls. The nomination council of the Awami League canceled two Godchen by selecting three main candidates from the city’s companies. I saved one.

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