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It is extremely worrying that the number of dengue patients is increasing in the capital at the beginning of the season. Three people are receiving treatment in several hospitals in the country after suffering from dengue fever. Six of them were transferred to hospitals in Dhaka. A new dengue patient was hospitalized in the last 24 hours on Wednesday (February 8) until 9 a.m. Last year, there was a severe outbreak of dengue fever in the country. The Institute of Pathology, State Disease Control and Research reviewed 20 of the 20 deaths caused by dengue and confirmed that 6 deaths were caused by dengue.

In the country, 3,000 patients with dengue fever have been admitted to the country’s hospital. Among them, Lakah 3 thousand and 5 thousand returned to the house after receiving the license. 22 people have been hospitalized in dengue this year. Of these, 227 returned home after treatment. There is no alternative to taking urgent action in this regard. To avoid the outbreak of dengue fever, two companies in Dhaka City should be more active in killing mosquitoes so that the number of Aedes mosquitoes does not increase. To this end, the government, the Ministry of Health, the media and relevant agencies will need to work together. People need to be aware of. It is important to remember that prevention is better than antibiotics, because dengue patients suffer from bleeding during the nose and coughing.

In addition, patients suffer from back pain, teeth, headache and back pain, and if the condition of the injured does not improve within 3 to 5 days, they must seek medical treatment from the doctor. It is not necessary to take any medication other than paracetamol before going to the doctor. Doctors also talk about awareness. Especially the patient can be fed with large quantities of water or drink. To avoid the AIDS law, mosquitoes should be used before bed during the day. Aedes mosquitoes lay eggs in water, which is stored in open containers at home. In addition, these mosquitoes reproduce indirectly in the flower bath water, frame cavity, flat patio balcony or water closet. Blood tests can confirm dengue. However, in the initial case of 12 degrees or more of fever, as well as severe pain in the head and body, especially in the bones, acute abdominal pain, rash, etc., it should be taken into account that you have dengue fever. Many people feel intimidated and eat different types of medication, including antibiotics.

According to the specialist, paracetamol and lots of water are consumed only in the early stages of a fever. However, if the condition worsens, the doctor will seek shelter. Especially for the elderly and children. Dengue outbreaks have become a major public health hazard worldwide. The number of deaths has more than doubled in the past decade, according to a WHO survey. About two million people are at risk of dengue, a fifth of the world’s population. About 8 percent of them live in countries in Asia and the Pacific. The World Health Organization (WHO) has warned that the situation will get worse in the future if the countries concerned do not take any action now. To avoid the outbreak of dengue fever, two companies in Dhaka City should be more active in killing mosquitoes so that the number of Aedes mosquitoes does not increase.

Mosquito density will exceed the record

To this end, the government, the Ministry of Health and Information, and related agencies will need to work together. People need to be aware of. It is important to remember that resistance is better than antibiotics. From January to February, every week, the research team collected mosquito larvae from different parts of Dhaka city. The team monitors the birthplace of many mosquitoes, collects them and takes them to the laboratory for identification. In the case of Qulex mosquito larvae, the density was measured by calculating the number of mosquito larvae in every 5 ml of water. In the last week-long survey, it was discovered that the density of most culex mosquito nets in Dhaka was greater than 25. Meanwhile, the study team saw several eggs in drainage and drainage. The most common mosquito today is Culex. These mosquitoes are grown in various drains, sewers and spoiled water. Organic water increased in mosquito-borne areas due to the prolonged lack of rain.

These organic materials are used as food for Culex mosquito larvae. Since mid-February, temperatures have risen slightly across the country, ideal for mosquitoes. In recent days, mosquitoes have given countless eggs. Eggs that will be converted to full mosquitoes in the next three days. Mosquitos will be in poor condition in March if pesticides are not sprayed on mosquito farms with much-needed fracturing programs. City dwellers will be flooded. Dr. Kabir Bashar believes it is important to regulate drains, drains, sewage and pesticide sprayers to kill larvae. The researchers commented that mosquitoes will naturally reduce if it rains a lot. There are 125 species of mosquitoes in Bangladesh. Among them are six species in the city of Dhaka. But the mosquitos that bother us most now is Culex. From January to February, we found the density of Aedes Aedes mosquitoes, dengue fever, but the highest was Qulex. Currently, 1 percent of mosquitoes are in Dhaka city and Qulex mosquitoes. We know that this culex mosquito spreads disease in some areas of Bangladesh. Red mosquitoes spread to West Nile fever in many countries of the world. However, there are no records of disease spread by mosquitoes in Dhaka.

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