Mother tongue should not be lost in the aggression of technology

“Different languages ​​are from different countries. Bin the original language, what hope is there? How many rivers of water or thirst for water flow without the flow of water? Ramanidhi Gupta speaks of reason in the language of life. And the government and the corpse of Pakistan, born from two ethnic groups, was the first to Touching our mother tongue. Pakistanis tried to erase not only the Bengali language but also the letters.

The Vice President of Aligarh University, Dr. Ziauddin Ahmed, recommended Urdu in the name of the official language of Pakistan, and for this reason, Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah started writing first, then the Pakistani draft constitution declared that “ Urdu will be the only language in Pakistan. ”In support of That, when the proposal was made to make Urdu the sole official language of Pakistan simultaneously at an educational conference organized in Karachi, Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah protested the President’s speech and said: “We are more honest” engalíes that Hinduism or Muslim. ” It’s not perfect; it’s real. “Sheikh Mujib was arrested on March 7 for protecting his mother’s language, the Bengali language. Then, on October 8, when a hungry march was held in Dhaka, Bahssani, Shamsul Haq and Sheikh Mujib were arrested again under the General Protection Law Needless to say It is during the Banyanar Language Movement, when a group of Bengalis wanted “one of the languages ​​of the Bengali state,” but then Sheikh Mujib shouted: “I want the language of the Bengali state.” Pakistani Prime Minister Liaquat Ali Khan said: “Pakistan is Muslim.

The country and Urdu will be the national language of Muslims. In harmony with him, the Pakistani father, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, announced on March 7 at the Hippodrome in a square in Dhaka: “Urdu and Urdu are only the language of the state of Pakistan.” Once again, on March 25, the same declaration was repeated in the invitation to the Curzon Hall; Jinnah goes to the stands when students say “no” “no” to protest. In the same year, when the proposal to write the Bengali language in Arabic was submitted to the People’s Assembly, Mr. Dhirendranath Dutt protested and proposed to give the Bengali language the same rights as other Pak-Parishad languages. Later, at a public meeting of the Muslim League held in Baltan Square in Dhaka on January 12, Prime Minister Nazim once again declared “Urdu will be the only language for Pakistan.” As a result, the Bengali language movement started in the second phase in East Bengal.

The ultimate stage is the police shooting at the student rally in Dhaka on February 24. The bullet reached the streets of the martyrs, including Salam, Barakat, Rafiq, Jabbar and Shafak. In the face of defamation, the Pakistani state recognized Bengali as one of the country’s languages. In the end, victory is a state of consciousness, and the Bengali language has won the nation-state. Rapendranath and his literature suffered a sectarian coup by the Pakistanis using religion as the chief observer. He was recognized as a Hindu poet. Taking into account the accusations of this “Hindu”, an attempt was made to remove the word “Hindu” from the poem of Nasr. There was great controversy in Rabindranath in eastern Pakistan at 5. At that time, Azad newspaper wrote: “Rabindranath is a Hindu poet, and it is said that there is an ongoing plot to eliminate Pakistan and unify the Bengalis.” During the war of the year between Pakistan and India, Rabindranath’s work was broadcast on Radio Pakistan and Pakistani TV.

On June 8, the Pakistani Minister of Information and Wireless, Khawaja Shahabuddin, told the National Assembly that “Rapendernath’s songs were against the ideals of Pakistan, which were banned on radio and television.” On August 5, when the Supreme Court judge, Hammoud Rahman, recommended writing Bengali and Urdu in Arabic, the intellectuals protested. As an excuse to increase the solidarity of the two regions in Pakistan, Dr. Muhammad Shahidullah immediately protested the language reform. As a result, the wrath of Bengal began to accumulate and the cultural movement against this injustice began.

Rapindra’s celebration of the year, led by the poet Sophia Kamal, disrupting the government, and the formation of “Chiant” by Rabindranath Sanjida Khatun and Wahidun Al-Haq artists, was organized within the serious drama prison of Moni Chaudhary, especially in every political event, ignored the Bangabandhu national celebration. It helped a lot in development. As a result of their cultural movements, people gradually realized their demands and rights that were later incorporated into the political movement. Take the form of the liberation struggle, freedom is achieved! Today is International Mother Language Day, which was signed on February 25, in recognition of the struggle that Bengal has made to establish the right of the mother tongue around the world. There is no other world on earth except this glorious Bengali. Spreading the whole world by studying Bengali language and literature. We must be attentive to the conquest of technology: the mother tongue and literature should not be lost.

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