Turkey’s ambition to push Syria

The talks between Moscow and Ankara failed to determine who would control Idlib, Syria. Idlibi’s war against Idlib survived. The conflict started with the killing of 12 Turkish soldiers, with the help of Russian aircraft, by violating the terms of the agreement. The friendship between Moscow and Ankara was questioned when the Russian Air Force participated in the attack. The conflict with the Moscow-Ankara alliance in the Middle East against the West made the West happy. Washington, Brussels has increased support for Ankara and Assad, and Russia has been blamed for the attack.

The power structure in the Middle East revolves around Israel. Therefore, Russia has no opportunity to work alongside Israel. During Putin’s visit to Israel last month, Netanyahu raised the issue of friendship between Ankara and Moscow in Syria, considering Putin’s safety, and he managed to persuade Putin to end the alliance. From this source, political analysts believe that the Idolibe drop is a milestone. The latest news from the island, Urdu Shan Trump was on the phone recently. Turkey requested the deployment of US Patriot missiles in the face of a possible Russian joint attack on the border between Turkey and Syria. No commitment yet from Washington. But Idlib secured a blockade against the invading Turkish forces. Ankara is currently satisfied with this position in Washington.

This is because Ankara is seeking to increase its strength by not being completely inclined to a group of two main powers. Although the balance of this policy has given Ankara many benefits of time, it has already played an important role in making friends. Idlib, in Ankara – Moscow, Syria, is an important region for Assad’s rebels and opponents of Assad. Idlib’s importance for Ankara is endless for three things. First, Idlibi is the last base for anti-Assad rebels, who have been fighting against the oppression of the Assad family since the beginning of the alleged Arab Spring.

Second, Idlibay is the largest Syrian refugee camp. Idlib gathered in different parts of the war-ravaged Syrian people in search of life. So, if Idlib al-Assad is captured, according to the United Nations, Turkey will have to provide space for 100,000 refugees. With an additional 100,000 Syrian refugees living in Turkey, another 100,000 refugees will be able to maintain their ability to reach Ankara. Third, if Idlib were subject to the Assad regime, then Assad’s forces would invade Turkey to retake Syrian-Syrian territory. The Turkish army occupied the terrifying region of Baek internationally.

The PKK has been fighting Turkey for three years and has been an ally of the United States, replacing ideological commitment. American friendship led to the revolutionary title of the PKK in the world, but a portion of the Kurds did not accept the title. Russia, Assad, and the PKK have united against Turkey in the past, eliminating past tensions. Then the account is clear from Ankara. Assad’s domination of the Turkish border means the victory of Pike. According to Idlib, Ankara is looking into the security of its borders. However, in the capture of Assad, Idlib, two birds will be hunted for Russia on a slope.

First, the authority of the Assad family in Syria will be restored by killing the rebels, who, thanks to their victory in the war, will spend Assad’s influence on Russia in the Middle East. Second, Ankara’s departure from Syria. Russia is well aware that Turkey is a member of NATO and that the transition from Brussels to Ankara is inevitable over time. Then Russia refuses to allow Turkey to reinforce in Syria. Along with Idlib, Assad wants to retake the M-4 and M-4 motorways. Because it is around these two roads, about 5% of Syrian trade has been completed. This road connects Aleppo to Damascus.

But inciting the Assad attack, Moscow broke the agreement itself. While Washington was immortalizing the war in Syria and Iraq, Ankara, despite being a member of NATO, returned to Russia with an appeal to resolve the conflict through ceasefire negotiations. The Turkish economy and social structure have suffered more than others due to the wars in Iraq and Syria. In response to Turkey’s request, Iran and Russia find a solution to the Syrian war with Turkey. He left the West and signed the agreement on May 27, known as the Astana Agreement. After that, Russia, Iran and Turkey joined forces under this agreement several times in Sochi, Geneva and Istanbul. Under the agreement, Russia, Iran and Turkey will jointly create a “conflict-free zone” to protect the status quo in Syria. Under this condition, in addition to Russia, Turkey established 12 small army sites in Idlib to prevent the rebels and government forces from fighting.

This was a major effort to stop the Syrian civil war by leaving the West, especially the United States. With this effort, Russia’s presence in the Middle East became a political good. Meanwhile, the anti-American opposition in the Middle East found hope for a new anti-American coalition in the Turkish-Russian-Iranian alliance. The emergence of the new alliance gradually expanded to include Libya. But after the death of Qasim Soleimani and the United States, which announced the centenary agreement with Palestine, Russia is trying to withdraw Turkish forces from Syrian territory without abiding by the previous agreement. When Ankara refused to withdraw Idlib forces, the Syrian forces began with Russian assistance to attack the Turkish forces.

However, political critics say the opposite. Putin was unable to obtain Ankara’s consent to legalize Libyan extradition, and launched an attack on Idlib to protect Israeli interests. Ankara was against Haftar’s legitimacy from the start. Russia is slowly advancing a mock map of the Middle East by canceling the Astana agreement. Nevada’s neighbor, Vladimir Putin, does not want to make the same mistake the Soviet Union made on the Korean peninsula during World War II. Like the Westerners, Moscow is not obligated to break the current Syria and form two new states. By creating a new country in Iraq, Syria, Putin wants to protect Russia’s future influence and interests in the Middle East. The war between Turkey and Syria is inevitable in the coming days to protect those interests.

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