19 goals in two matches in women’s football

The goal of the English Premier League is Kemalapur Stadium. Bashundhara Kings yesterday won the opening match with a 12-1 victory. Seven goals in today’s first game. In the second match of the day, there were 12 additional goals. Silbert Spartan MK beat Galactico FC 12-0 at Nisreen Sports Academy. With dozens of goals, they sent a message to Bashundhara, the number one contender for the title, “We’re strong too.” So far in the seven-team league, five teams have taken the field. The Nisreen Sports Academy must remain strong after the kings of Pashendhara. There are about 12 girls at the Bangladesh Football Camp at Nisreen Academy. The team captain, Rasia Khatun, is a regular member of the national team based on age. These girls have accumulated a gap.

They scored two goals in both halves. The trilogy of these two attackers was scored by Swapna Rani and Aklima Hatun (3 goals). Bagerhat’s daughter, Aclima, started the goal in 5 minutes and stopped in 5 minutes. The medium goals are two and three minutes. Dream goals in 3, 20 and 5 minutes. The couple scored another attacker, Noshin Jahan (6 and 6 minutes) and defender Pratimati Khatun (5 and 6 minutes).

Goal from defender Sohagi (5 minutes). Munir Hussain, coach of Nisreen Sports Academy, highlighted his opponent’s weaknesses after more than ten goals. As a result, we are not playing very well. But Sylhet coach Liaquat Ali was not disappointed by so many goals: “Our girls are playing first. He saw the first grass field. This practice did not last long. It is normal for you to eat more goals.” The team name is Jamalpur Kacharipara XI. Jamalpur district is represented by only two members: Jannatul Islam and Tani Akhtar. Kancharipara XI debuted at the highest level in football in the country with its massive 4-1 victory in striker Janatol’s triple trilogy. Its targets were moved by Comilla United. 1-5 in the first half. 3 other goals in the second half. The beginning and end of the tour is paradise.

The girl, who is in tenth grade at the Institute of Physical Education in Bangladesh, scored three goals in 6, 6 and 6 minutes. Defender Corisha Paradise scored two goals (5 and 6 minutes). Another goal for the winning team was Tania (5 minutes). Asha Mane narrowed the gap to defeat. Seeing the Bashundhara Kings game yesterday, many felt that there was no team to challenge them. Kacharipara can develop resistance somewhat. BKSP coach Achia Khatun Bithi has been appointed to the team. There are four players at Tangail Monalisa Sports Academy. In the first game, they showed at least that they were not in Sabina Hatun’s experience. Today, however, the responsibility of the Comilla team is more responsible for their showing. It has come to play in the Premier League without any practice. Girls have been trained in Dinajpur, Nilambari, Thakurgeon and other regions of the country. They arrived at a club in Dhaka yesterday. And today they play the first game.

Comilla flew into hat-trick in Jamalpur’s daughter

 After the game, everyone cares about the best players on the team. However, another scene was seen in the first match of the Women’s Football League at Mustafa Kemal Birchrista Stadium in Kerala. Pashundhara Kings beat Begum Anwara Sports Club 42-1. The recession in the country is facing team goalkeeper Asha Karmakar, who has consumed dozens of goals. As he left the field, everyone besieged a teenager, Nwabangj. Football star of the national team Sabina Khatun, Krishna Rani Sarkar, Pashundhara kings with Maria Manda. It is a huge responsibility to protect from this group. There, the inexperienced passive team of Ankora yesterday fell like a hungry tiger! Soon after, the ball was taken and sent to the middle. Sabina, who started the festival in the second half of the match, ended at the last minute of the match with Krishna.

However, coach Zuhair Iqbal chose the first goalkeeper, Tahira Khatoon, after digesting three goals in 20 minutes. Asha then went to the bottom of the field. But the hope showed no hope for the team, even when it reached the stadium. Instead, he has digested five other goals. Hope, or what’s up! The defenders of Begum Anwar were unable to cope with the attack on Sanjida, Monica, Mary, Mohmarmo from Krishna. Of course, there was a bad feeling of having a lot of goals, and I hope the answer to the question at the end of the game will be: “I didn’t care. Instead, I had more experience playing with players of this size.

Bangamata played school football. Then it comes to his first Once in the country’s most important league… Kamalapur’s artificial turf, lots of formalities, and television and cameras expected to impress… He turned sports teacher Asha into a keeper because he was taller than other girls at school. He lost his father as a child. There was a time when the family used to earn Money. But the mother is sick now. Older brother Narsundar by profession. You can help Your family by playing football, believing that playing for the first time in the league is great. The first game scored slightly more goals. But I hope we play better in the next game. My dream is to play in the national team. And the money I play in football, I want to I present it to my mom. ‘

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