Bangladesh are moving in the ‘Mominul’ bat

Mominul Haque has been calm since reaching the barn. Running around quickly. Playing rhythmic cricket. Fifty-five has been seen in his career Pete Dinamo. However, this is his first FIFT as a leader. Muminul has not stopped here. There are hundreds on the door. Bangladesh got 25 out of 5 at the end of the second day. The captain is undefeated in 5 races. Mashfaq Rahim offers decent support. She is in the fold with 12 races. Of course, the Tigers were made on the second day. In the first rounds, only 21 races remain. On the third day, guests will look at Muminul-Mushfiq. The eyes will be on Muhammad Mithun and Layton Das. Russell Domingo students will get a huge advantage if they can prove themselves. Bangladesh has not had a good start in overcoming its early roles. Saif Hassan returned from the beginning.

He was brought back to the theater by Victor Nayuchi. Subsequently, Nizam Hussain captured the initial momentum of Shantem and Tamim Iqbal. Gradually they build their understanding. At the moment your partner joined. As a result, Zimbabwe archers began to take control of Tamim Chant. Bangladesh operates in an accent. Both moved to fifty. But suddenly the rhythm falls. Tamim returns to Donald Terabano’s backyard. Before returning, he scored four runs in four. In the calm of the first game broke resistance to 5 races. Then Captain Mominul Haque caught the game.

I was in a barn. Sources of small races in the bat. From the other end, Mominul’s partner got the plane. Both scored quickly. Along the way, fifty took a test run quietly. Walk towards the first century. But suddenly it stopped. The left-hand hitter returned with the Regis Chakwar glove behind the wicket with Charlton Tisomar. Before returning, he played a four-legged aesthetic entrance. It was separated by a 5-race alliance. Bangladesh appointed Zimbabwe to the field on the second morning, with the goal of defeating Zimbabwe as quickly as possible. In this case, the hosts were successful.

Everyone was out for 20 in the first floors. Zimbabwe was chosen to reach 221 vs. 5 on the first day. Regis Chakava and Donald Tiripano started on the second day. However, they were unable to build a link between them. Abu Zaid Rahi, Terubano returns on paper. Without saying anything, he said goodbye to Insly Ndilovo. Soon after, Tazul Islam took control of Charlton Tisuma. As a result, it became a matter of time for Zimbabwe. But Chakava extended it. Taijul found the last nail in this camp by finally returning it. He turned the wheel and wrapped it. The Zimbabwe wicket goalkeeper scored four games in four. The most successful players in Bangladesh are Naim Hassan and Abu Zaid. Each took 5 wickets. Taizul gave him the support of a capable warrior.

He took 2 wickets. Zimbabwe was chosen first after winning the Cher Bangla National Cricket Stadium in Mirpur on Saturday. However, they did not have a good speed. They scored 225 for 5 on the last lap. In this way, transport companies registered a maximum of 5 races at Prince Masavour. Former captain Craig Orwin played the portal. He scored 4 runs in these four. The left officer, Nazmul Hussain Shant, once again gave evidence of his condition. It has been in BPL since the beginning of the century. This time he took his first test on the cricket test. Fifty quiet before a Sunday tea break.

The Tigers want Zimbabwe to wrap up fast

Bangladesh picks 122 races for 2 wickets until tea break. Half Centurion Chant 1 and Captain Muminol Haki remained second after the defeat in 42 years. Bangladesh is still behind Zimbabwe for five races. Saif and Tamim, two beginners, said it was a good start to respond to the 27 races in Zimbabwe. In the second part of the tickets, the number of permissible limits reached Seif. In the next stage, the Tamim bats also reached two legs. Bangladesh scored 5 runs in just 5 amounts. But the last ball from the fourth time, Saif made the mistake of pushing the bat. As a result, the ball touched the outer ear of his bat, and goalkeeper Regis Chakava took over. Saif finished ball 8. 8. Calm and calm did not allow any danger before lunch. The duo added 5 runs in 5 overs.

Later in the second session, the two achieved good success. Santa and Tamim were raising their careers with bats. It looks like fifty will pick up the two. But Tamim sat on the back of the gate to flush the ball from the seal to the front of the team. He finished 5 runs of 8 balls, while he broke 5 runs with 5 of 5 balls. Bangladesh took the field on the second day of the Mirpur test in order to beat Zimbabwe as quickly as possible. On the other hand, the goal of playing at least in the first session is Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe finished today with a score of 221 to 5. Donald Teribano, Regis wheelchair partner.

Visiting captain Craig Irvine is expected to take Chakawa Teribano into the second half. Bangladesh wants the first entry into Zimbabwe as soon as possible. Naim Hassan, who received four texts on the first day, is confident of his ability to quickly move to lower-level tourists. Can Bangladesh prevent tourists from less than 300 races? The fourth victim of Abu Zayed Ndilovo: Abu Zaid Chaudhry took two wickets. Ainsley Ndelovi left after Donald Terban. The Zimbabwean hitter could not play in the bat instead of moving the total length on the stem. When the referee responded to a strong call from LBW, Ndilovu returned without a review.

Abu Zayed was the fourth wiki lottery. Ndilovu returned with a score of 8. Zimbabwe scored 5/25 in 5 amounts. Wheelchair partner Rezich Charlton Tishuma in a barn. Wicket Shredding: Mominul Haque kept Tazul Islam from one end of the day early in the morning. Theul rewards the leader of Bangladesh with confidence. Announcer Charlton Tishuma returned before opening the mark. Tishuma also played with hope. The ball on the trunk did not turn out much. The LBW ball hit the platform, returned to mixture No. 4 from Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe scored 24/5 in 5 overs. A partner in Regis chair, Victor Niauchi, in a barn.

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