Electricity prices and production industry Situation In Bangladesh

In the past decade, the cost of electricity has almost doubled in the past two decades. On February 20, the price of electricity rose another three times in terms of wholesale, retail and transportation. Average consumer price (retail) per unit increased by 5 piasters, or 9.5 percent, on average. The average unit price has increased from 1 to 5. As a result of this year, people’s spending on the electricity bill will increase to 2,220 Taiwan crowns. The average value of the electricity supplied to the customer up to February 25 was Rs. 5 pieces. That is, in just 5 years, the price has gone up to 5.7 percent.

This year, potential sales of electricity to rural electrification panels (REBs) were estimated in rural Bangladesh. If the electricity bills were paid at the above rate, the company’s customers would have spent 22.122 million SEK. At a new rate, spending will increase to 25 thousand 5 crore 5 lakh. So it turns out that Tk 1.8 crores 20 lakh will only be spent on lighting a low-income home. The average electricity bill per unit of electricity providers in the field was 5 taka, 20 bis. It has been raised to 5 pieces. The average rose to 5.7 percent. In the case of irrigation pumps, the price is set at TK. 5.75 per unit for all companies, which is 5 countries higher than before. Additionally, the monthly application fee has increased from Rs. Iri-boron continues to grow throughout the country, including the northern and southern parts of the country, as there is no option for irrigation. Farmers spend maximum money and energy for irrigation to ensure agriculture.

At night, irrigation pumps are heard in rural areas. Most of them depend on strength. Despite the increase in rice production in recent years, farmers lost their minds due to the lack of prices at the beginning of the season. Farmers’ throats dried up due to watering fields with the irrigation season due to high electricity prices. As electricity prices rise, demand falls in the wake of the global recession. The ability to submit are also facing questions. The general economy in Bangladesh is under pressure. Coronavirus monitors all indicators of the economy. The raw material crisis in China is driving industrial fronts, as the virus is spreading in our major trading partner countries. Exports fell a lot. Import of goods is also decreasing. The most affected is international trade. The inflation of electricity as a blow to the ground will make the production costs of the industry unbearable. In the middle class, life will become frustrated when facing the daily increase.

Businessmen have raised the question about the appropriate time for the decision to increase electricity prices. The media says it makes no sense to put the burden of spending on people without stopping corruption in this sector. Analysts say the price of electricity has risen mainly in search of relief. Due to the poor economy, satisfaction with budget execution cannot be mitigated. There is a shortage of income. The government became dependent on the bank. The fact is that increasing electricity prices will not only affect general inflation but will also increase the cost of manufacturing the industry. It will affect the lives of ordinary people like cutting salt chips. Therefore, scholars believe that corruption must stop before the burden falls on people. It is known that the government is raising the price of electricity to save some rental companies and rapid rent and to cover corruption and unseen spending in this sector. However, the Bangladesh Energy Regulatory Commission (BERC) said that a 5% value-added tax will be imposed on imported coal and the application fee of 1 country per cubic meter. In addition, the capacity of the power plant or the center’s rent increased, providing relatively less electricity for rural electricity. Due to the implementation of various projects in the loan sector, interest must be paid.

This is all the reason for the high prices of electricity.

BERC says that despite the price increase, the government will have to support Tk. Many people disagree with these statements. Last December, the Bangladesh Consumer Federation (CAB) said PDB was making a profit of Rs. 5 crore in bulk electricity, and that they had no chance to become a government organization. Although there are some improvements in the management of electricity supply, ordinary people are still not happy. Over time, the demand for electricity and the distribution system is not erased. Because of the increase in power generation, the transmission and distribution system cannot be overcome. Unless there is a realistic idea of ​​a long-term demand and distribution system, the production and distribution of electricity is not compatible with customer demand. As a result, people do not get rid of the curse of fee disposal, even if they buy electricity at high prices.

Due to the poor distribution and distribution system, an uninterruptible power supply is not available during the high season. Despite many questions, in recent years there has been a lot of public and private investment to increase power generation. The focus is on developing the distribution or supply line as production increases. The government has not investigated this. Power transmission and distribution systems have not been developed. Due to the shortcomings and weakness of the transmission system, not all electricity was provided. Actual electricity demand across the country has not been properly calculated. Excess energy somewhere, somewhere short. Although urban areas suffer, the rural situation varies. The main reason for this is poor latitude.

The country has a total capacity of more than 20,000 MW. However, it is not inconsistent to question why the charging disconnects. Unusual pregnancy separation is something that happens regularly in the village. Failure to get rid of this problem is said to have no modern circulation system. In this case, many industrialists and businessmen face heavy losses. However, the government plans to produce 1,000 megawatts by 2021 and 1,000 megawatts by 2020. There were 24 million electricity consumers across the country. Within 20 years, the number of subscribers exceeded 3 million. However, the quality of the power distribution line was not protected. Accidents and lightning strikes are increasing due to the weak distribution and distribution system. According to the fire service, 7,720 fires were reported in the country due to electrical noise in 27, which represents 5% of the total fires. At 26 there were records of 3 deaths from lightning.

Although the actual number of deaths is several times higher. An electric accident was the cause of 42 percent of people who died in the fire in 20 years. Unexpected distribution systems are the main cause of these accidents. Reports related to these reports are often published on newspaper pages. You can see it there: The electrical connection was created from the transmission line via electric cables through the hook to the village houses. Somewhere on the roof of the house or under the rice was connected. Somewhere in the hollow of the tree, a little pointer stuck to it from the house. As a result, the wind breaks tree branches in the wind or rain, and its rays fall. Bamboo poles are also seen for use in circulation. From home to the road, ponds and farm fields, many electrical distribution lines hang along a bamboo pillar. Accidents happen somewhere or on columns. Therefore, unplanned distribution lines were established in most of the country’s villages.

The line is drawn as if it was supposed to deliver electricity quickly. Town houses are scattered. In these areas, the power lines should be drawn very carefully. However, it is noted that the line passed dangerously through the windows of some houses, through the trees of some houses. The rural electrification board is operating too low to maintain these lines. As a result, the town’s power lines are now dead.The cost of living of the country’s people increases day by day. Recently, prices of basic products have risen. Non-food inflation increases every month. Onions have also shown us “mustard flowers” in this brick and stone city this season. Until the injury recovered, there was a riot on the market when Corona arrived. After all, when low- and middle-income people struggle to run the world, this rise in electricity prices; this cannot be acceptable in any way in any society. Country merchants are also concerned about the cost of electricity.

Their textile owners say their spending has increased by 20.7 percent in four years for various reasons, including gas and electricity. On the other hand, foreign buyers reduce the cost of clothing. They can not afford the additional cost of electricity in such a critical situation. The textile industry also said that the rise in electricity prices would be disastrous for small and medium textile factories and large yarn factories. The production costs of the beam will rise with the increase in electricity prices. This will have an impact on various sectors, including housing. Political opponents say this increase in prices is a manifestation of government looting. What people say, rulers say the opposite. They think the BERC ad is “part of a price adjustment.” Referring to this increase in prices as “small”, they demand that people not suffer from price increases, but rather that they receive better services. Agreeing with the BERC argument means that as future robberies increase, price increases will be imposed on people through “coordination”.

For example, in order to plunder public banks, many banks now have to bridge the budget deficit on allocations regularly to satisfy capital. Let’s listen to a story before we come to a conclusion. One day, Nasser Al-Din issued the possession of the notice: “Five pounds for answering two questions on any issue.” A pedestrian handed him the money and said: “Isn’t it five pounds a little more for two questions?” The next question? It was not known if the man dared to ask the following question. Since the BERC announcement, the people of the country will have to pay more for electricity. But the goal is to find out if people will answer these questions with more money.

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