The effect of the coroner

Although no new coronavirus infection was discovered in Bangladesh in the past 24 hours, news of the identification of the three persons had a significant impact on public life. The crowd was crowded in pharmacies. The nose and mouth protection mask, anti-bacterial hand sanitizer and hexagon hand sanitizer nearly disappeared from the market in one day. Massive fever fever, docks, tissue paper. People were also seen visiting the store to buy these products. Tk Mask 8-20 is sold in various places in Dhaka. After the masks and gloves, lawyers were seen participating in the activities of the lower court in Dhaka.

The president of the court suggested avoiding shaking hands. Temperature and handwashing tests were permitted at various offices in Dhaka. The news about the suspension and cancellation of various events in the capital comes one after another. No tickets were sold yesterday for the Twenty20 cricket match between Bangladesh and Zimbabwe. The World Cup soccer tournament has been canceled. With regard to public health, a public opening ceremony has been announced through online and social media. The borders were closed indefinitely. The number of flights has been reduced. On arrival, visas were closed for four countries. The road for Qataris is closed to the Bengalis. Upon entering India via the land port, many of them were returned without wearing masks.

Five new scanners are ready to be installed in ports. Sarizmin was seen yesterday visiting pharmacies and stores in various parts of the capital, but shoppers were disappointed when shoppers in stores searched for antiseptics throughout the day. In the face of excessive customer pressure, there is also a paper titled “There is no mask or hand sanitizer” in front of pharmacies. Although masks are sold in craft pharmacies in the capital, buyers have to buy them at a higher price. In Dhaka, doll and wife shops appear to sell masks at an additional cost manually. In some pharmacies in Mirpur, Dhanundi and Shahbagh yesterday, consumers were seen moving to purchase antiseptics and hand masks. But the crisis erupted yesterday when buyers bought these products at an additional price the night before. At Dhanmondi’s Lodge Pharma, it was discovered that, despite being suspended in a store that did not have a “ disinfectant or mask ”, the shopper was looking for the product.

Laz Pharma sellers were unable to respond when some asked when products would be available. Shabbagh’s pharmacies were in a similar situation. Shoppers also go to the stores here to find hand sanitizer, hexagonal hand scrub. But in most stores, these drugs end in two. As a result, to avoid embarrassing situations, these pharmacies must suspend tables without any products. Pharmacy merchants said that on March 7, the first day of a heart attack for three people in Bangladesh, consumers bought masks and hand sanitizers for themselves and other family members. The two products in his group expire quickly. They said that unless two of the companies that produced them were supplied, they would not be available on the market. The Minister of Education: There is no position to close the educational system.

Depo Money said that, according to the opinion of the Institute for Pathology, Control and Research in Diseases (IEDCR), the situation is not yet over because of the coronavirus. Experts believe that the Ministry of Education will take the necessary measures in this regard. However, the necessary precautions are sent to educational institutions about the transmission of the virus. He made these remarks while talking about the opening of the fifth basic training course at the National Academy of Educational Administration (Naeem) in the capital yesterday afternoon. Three people were taken to the hospital from the airport with a fever: Three people were sent from outside Shah Jalal Airport to the hospital with fever and shortness of breath. Of these three Bengalis, two come from Italy, the other from Singapore. According to the airport’s health center, the three arrived at Qatar Airways, Emirates Airlines and Singapore Airlines.

Both of them had difficulty breathing. A Singapore man has a fever. Two pharmaceutical clips due to the high prices: Two pharmacies were made in the capital due to the artificial crisis of masks and hand sanitizers. Yesterday, the National Directorate for Consumer Rights Protection carried out a special operation in the capital, Gulshan. Al-Noor Pharmacy and Al-Safabi Pharmacy are the organizations that were closed. In addition, the city pharmacy was fined 5,000 tk. Allegedly selling expired drugs. “We are monitoring these organizations based on classified news. The video is based on the price of the mask that it provides to various local and foreign buyers. It is legally punishable to increase the cost of the mask by creating an artificial unethical crisis during this period of the nation,” said Manjoor Muhammad Shahryar, the company’s deputy director. Rumors spread to Tulsitapa Palace. Social media also posts posts about how to take basil. But Gopalgang civil surgeon Nawaz Muhammad said that there is no basis for this. Many people are said to have eaten tulips for seven days in various locations in the region, including Kotalipara upazila, to avoid coronavirus.

Their idea is that they will not be affected by coronavirus by playing tulips.

Panic in Brahmanparia: At least seven experts from six countries, including China, have been reported at the Ashujang Thermal Power Plant in Brahmanparia. For this reason, the civil surgeon in Brahmanbaria delivered an official letter to the power plant authorities about not going to the experts. Shah Alam. The message was delivered to the Ashujang Thermal Power Station Authority yesterday morning. Pinabol Warning: The medical team working in Pinabol Chicpost was shaken after identifying three patients with coronavirus in Bangladesh. A passenger carrying a passport that has returned to India since yesterday morning has not been allowed to enter the Pinabol Checkout immigration without evidence of the presence of the Coronavirus. The greatest precautions are taken at the Pinabol Barrier and Port. Initiatives to produce hand sanitizers and expensive penalties: The government has approved seven companies to make hand sanitizer.

At the same time, the price of the hand sanitizer of the company was determined. The seller is penalized if more money is taken from the buyer than the set price. The person was also asked not to sell more than one hand sanitizer. Indefinite closure of the Ghat borders: The higher authorities announced the unlimited closure of Feni Chaglanaya and the Srinagar border in southern Tripura, India, on suspicion of contracting the coronavirus. Yesterday, the head of the hut management committee and the additional district judge, Ghulam Zakaria, said: “The protective borders have been closed indefinitely to prevent the spread of the coronavirus. A decision will be taken to open the hats at the next leaders meeting.” We have sent a message to the Indian Hats Authority in this regard. I have not received any response from them yet. However, we had oral conversations with them. India has informed us of our decision. I hope they will agree. “

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