Record of the Leighton-Tamim pair

The picture of the last game of the day was shown again yesterday. Bangladesh is great for hitting Sylhet like Dhaka. The heroes are Layton Das and Tamim Iqbal. They brought the first pair of T20s in tomorrow’s match. The Bangladeshi score has reached 28 points in this extreme fear. Leighton Das and Tamim Iqbal set a new record in establishing the first wicket in T20. They had two previous records. Tamim Lytton met in the first of six game against Sri Lanka in the Cup of Exhaustion on 29. In the last match in the ODI series, the pair recorded a record flood. The average was 272 runs. He was one of the best 5 couples in ODI cricket history.

However, he was unable to break the record for the highest total run times in the T20. These are Tamim and Mahmudullah 12 *, the second pair of lottery at 202. Yesterday Bangladesh set a new record high for the T20 against Zimbabwe. Previously, the longest team was in short form against the African team. However, Bangladesh got the third highest overall in Q20 tomorrow. Previously, Bangladesh scored 25 rounds against hosts in the Nidahs Cup in Sri Lanka Square. This is the highest score in the T20. The second highest 25 races against the Antilles, Chittagong. Yesterday, Sumaya Sarkar played an undefeated streak of 42, 42.

His entries were four limits, six six. Three six in the last half of the rounds. Half the gentlemen complete his horn. The star hitter received bad news the day before. The Bangladesh Cricket Council did not agree with the three teams. The question was asked. However, the latest news is that the name of the benign government is added even if the central agreement is not included in the list of the six countries. Litton Das has released ODI format to T20. In the previous game, he played 8 epic rounds. He scored 4 races at the T20 tomorrow. Leighton Das has been excellent from the start. They only complete their half century with five balls. However, Zimbabwe’s pacemakers felt as uncomfortable as they did against flirt. So half of the century couldn’t get to the doorways. Get stuck for 5 races. Play only 5 balls. His three six entries were astonishing by five boundaries. But Tamim Iqbal returned to Layton in the backyard. Score 4 runs 5 balls. Six, six, three, four.

The way Leighton supported the last ODI, I did the same yesterday. Bangladesh has suffered from the first husband for a long time. But in addition to returning to Tamim, Layton was charismatic. Bangladesh is a “superpower” team in the first six times of the force game! 5 races without wicket. Zimbabwe’s pacemakers have suffered the most from the storms. Chris Mbufu gave 3 in 5 overs. Donald Terribano gave up 4 rounds in 5 increments. Captain Sean Williams did not dare hand over the ball after he dumped Mumba 20 times in the first two. Powlers from Zimbabwe could not stand the same advantage yesterday.

Bangladesh is also irresistible to the T20

However, he collected 12 balls of points. On the other hand, Bangladesh hitters were more focused on hitting six yesterday. All in all, Bangladesh had six roles. It is also a record. Yesterday, the mixture ball was not “lost”. Mishfaq’s roles were only 5 balls, but there were six balls, Running 1. Captain Mahmoud Allah did not deliver Ball 8. 5. The tigers stormed the storm, but the show was empty! Bangladesh Cricket Council has not sold all precautions due to coronaviruses, thus reducing the exhibition audience. Bangladesh: 4/23 (20 Envelopes) (Sumaya 12 *, Layton 3, Tamim 1; Madhivir 1/3, Sikander 1/3). Zimbabwe: 12/1 (5 increases) (Tinashe 20, Karl Mumba 20, Williams 20; Mustafiz 1/12, Aminul 1/3). Bangladesh was also not defeated in the T20 against Zimbabwe as in evidence and ODI.

The Tigers went 4-1 in a series of two games, and they lost tourists three rounds yesterday. Tomorrow is the second and last game in the series. The series will definitely win. Also, the loss of Zimbabwe in every match would be shocking. Yesterday, Bangladesh first hit 5 wickets on 5 wickets. Zimbabwe was trapped for 42 races to chase a goal of 25 races. Sumaya Sarkar’s matchmaker became the hurricane in only 52 balls. Leighton Das and Tamim Iqbal set new records in the first pair yesterday. They scored 42 points. Previously, they each had their first wicket 5 times. Yesterday, Lytton Tamim broke and rebuilt the previous record.

Layton played 3 of 4, and Tamim came out of the bat. He scored two strikes 4 times in strong play. Standing with great fear of Liton-Tamim, Pumgaz approached the sidewalk and played 12 balls without giving up the score. Four huge sixties struck by four limits. Bangladesh recorded the highest six in the rounds yesterday, reaching six six. Previously, Sri Lanka had 12 six in the Nidhas Cup. It was not a good start for tourists on top of Cal Ran Ranch. Zimbabwe lost 4 wickets in all six games in strong play and scored 5 runs. From there, his roles decreased to 12 races. Mustafizur Rahman and Aminul Islam Biplob each took three wickets. The two teams will face the stadium tomorrow.

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