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Three people were found infected with coronavirus. As if you had a gold mine, it could be a diamond mine. The best Kohinoor diamond was discovered there. Is this a word? How unlucky for us to celebrate the birth of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman with the Coronavirus. But yes, there are no foreign characters to come, not even the distinguished Prime Minister of India, Shri Shri Narendra Modi, can be called a curse. India is our closest neighbor and absolute friend. But now 5 percent of government leaders in India are neither great nor adorable. I cannot explain exactly what a coronavirus is. Does everyone die from coronavirus? There was once “someone with TB, not protecting him” in Coruna, a thousand lacs were infected a few thousand and 3,000 died. 3-5 thousand others have returned to their homes. Do not talk about it! Speaking of trauma, there is no news of recovery! What seems to me to be an imperial plot. Especially against China.

Our favorite professor ABM Abdullah rightly said: “There is no reason to be afraid of the coronavirus. Under the age of six, no one is likely to catch the virus.” It will be good, this is life. A woman presented a government report today on the coronavirus. His words are not nice, nor is he so cute. How did you make sure that the three victims announced, not just three or three thousand and three thousand? None of the three people diagnosed with coronavirus was infected with the virus. All machines seem to be in crisis. So what are you trying out? One of the three people talking about trauma is not one or the other. It is not a good idea to act irresponsibly in a responsible position. Under normal circumstances, commanding a leader is incomprehensible, courage incomprehensible, storm misery and disasters are evidence of leadership. So no one expects the mercy of Corona. Earlier, I wrote, GK Shameem, is not immortal Zia. This reduced people’s confidence in the judiciary.

We were not neglected or tortured in Pakistan. However, we had great confidence in the judiciary. It still respects the Pakistani judiciary. But how do we get here? Currently, one of the most disputed and corrupt terrorists in the Supreme Court is being released – government officials or lawyers don’t know that! Can you imagine in the lower court or not, the Supreme Court will accept the logic of mixing the name? People think this is a money game. If the court is trustworthy, the public will be satisfied to face many problems. On the occasion of Pangapandhu’s birthday, the BNP said that keeping Khaleda Zia in prison would not keep Pangapandu’s birthday. Why is this what the relationship of Bangabando’s birth anniversary has to do with Khaleda Zia? Khaleda Zia can stay in prison for hundreds of thousands of questions. But the celebration of the birth of the Punjabandu has nothing to do with it. Many of us are not seen down. Without Bangabandhu, we wouldn’t be one, maybe we would have been born. But I did not come here in the socio-political situation. The distinguished Prime Minister said a few days ago: “Bangladesh was not independent of the Great Flute blow.” “We are fighting for liberation at the feet of the main flute,” said Jafarullah Chaudhry. I love Jafar Allah so much. But I did not agree with his statement.

We did not launch any war against the flute, Zia Rahman, nor he himself. Bangladesh fought a war of liberation under the leadership of the Bengali nation, the Punjabandu, I did it, Zia Rahman. Without Bangabandhu, the liberation war would have been unimaginable. And only seven days, on the day of the birth of my father, the country’s leader, the Punjabandu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Today, I write daily for about 3 years. In the end, five to seven articles were deleted. I spent the rest of the day writing for the service. What a blessing from God, I will have the opportunity to write a father’s birthday on Tuesday, March 5th.

I will write to the Father openly. Hundreds of thousands of questions, I will try to talk about inconsistencies. That day, I read in Nim Nizam’s writing that someone would do it on the anniversary of birth, and someone would give him an ambulance and then he would get a group name. There are some of my favorite people. Among them are Imdadul Haque Milan, Sagar, Samad, Naeem Nizam, Pir Habib, Syed Borhan Kabir, Shahid Chowdhury, Sheikh Mamun and others. On that day I was surprised to read “An Autobiography of Bangabandhu: Syed Burhan’s Concern, Discomfort and Shame.” What is a hidden vision of a person that cannot be understood without reading it. Now we are only Bengalis: Bangabandhu happened, good or bad, it does not matter. On that day, children of the Bogra police school and college received masks, after the masks of Punjabandu, the Minister of Education. I love and love the Minister of Education, Depo Money. She is the daughter of a leader.

Education is not bad at all. There is a reason to say that Bear Habib Dibo told the truth about money. But I can’t say that. I don’t want to. Dipu Moni is not Quader Siddiqui or Latif Siddiqui, who will turn around in such a shameful situation. Were criminals not the chiefs of police lines who made those masks and put their young children in front of the minister? My sister Dibo has spoken to Mane for long enough. That’s right, but the asshole from the police school and college will have nothing? Bangabandhu’s Tissue Box: It’s hard to think why I’m alive. Burhan Kabir wrote that the Ministry has sought 12 crore in the Cabinet to celebrate the birth of the nation’s father. They got a budget of 1 Turkish Liras from their own money without getting additional money.

This means a lot of money, if you don’t get the money, then a million dollars instead of 12 million rupees is Bangabandhu-Dardi. Punjabandhu is struggling to take a picture of himself, which is good. It could have been another 20 years ago. But it’s best not to do something like TV drama. The main director of the film is Shyam Penegal, a very famous man. But not now. At the age of 6, you cannot move well. Sometimes it is “in the joy of happiness of creation – / his face smiles, smiles in my eyes, laughs at my speech / Today laughs at the happiness of creation” Now it’s his turn. As Syed Burhan Kabir wrote correctly: “It is foolish to prove such a historical picture of this departing traveler. High blood pressure, diabetes, body aches, I must be in bed now.” With at least one era of drawing in Bangabandhu, you should practice five years. After being brutally murdered by a Bangabandhu killer, I was extremely anxious for a while in the shadow of anxiety, poor adaptation and death in the range. I spent many nights asleep. During a day in exile in India, my headache was not eased. But on December 7 5th, when I was storm in the airport concrete. I walked in the chest without my mom’s feet. As the headache disappeared from this, I did not find any trend during these five years. Many people do not sleep a lot of leaders, take sleep medications and wake up all night. I had no experience. I didn’t know at the time the pain of not being able to sleep. For the past six years, I haven’t had a sleeping pill all night. Two or three times in hospital I may be given a sleep pill if I have to move. When you hold the magazine or carry the book before your eyes, you can fall asleep once and for all.

But on the night of March 7, I couldn’t sleep alone. Those who could not sleep woke up at night and realized that the agonizing difficulties after many days, on Saturday 8 March, I suffered. A week ago I read “Nayashin I saw: Sheikh Mujibur Rahman.” Several years before that, he had a few years of “CV Biography”, and then I was surprised to read that day, Bangabandhu Prison Magazine. The Pakistani administration has not treated the hostile people who sacrificed everything for Pakistan, especially our leader, Punjabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Why do you feel reading the book? The behavior of the Punjabandhu in Pakistan has been dealt with almost the same way in Bangladesh. If Latif Siddiqui had not been involved in politics, our life, on the other hand, would have been a slave in Pakistan. Where’s my boyfriend cute? Shahjahan Siraj is no longer on the news of death, ASM Abdul Rab, the controversial Siraj Alam Khan, Khalid Muhammad Ali of Noakhali, who will speak, no one has news. Two or four people are uncomfortable. Only Nur Alam Siddiqui got some money, but he didn’t get the national honor. When were you released from here? He said at two in the afternoon, there was no sleep. The book was taken by Nurun Nabi, the inevitable war of liberation. Nurun Nabi Qadriya was in the army during the liberation war.

I cannot tell how the story would have been if he had not been sent to interact with the Indian forces and the government of Bangladesh and Nurun Nabi could not communicate successfully. The plot was against us from the sixties. The conflict caused Latif Siddiqui-Shahjahan Siraj in a national disaster. During the liberation war, a meeting of the Chajahan Siraj Group was held in Mama – his nephew on the banks of the Gingerham River in the center of Mankarshar Mahindrajan. The main topic was how my friend quad would die. After much controversy and debate, the audience leader, Abdul Razzaq said: “If you run away and talk about killing my friend’s quad in the Indian Territory, the Pakistani army will kill the friend quad at any time. Flee the country for fear that they cannot do anything to my friend Qadeer. How do you kill my friend? Exclude them from Pakistan, then Qadeer kills my friend or kill him if he does not die. Now I jump that. ”Actually, my life has never been quiet. Today, when Shakunis was taken from Bhagat Punjabandu, the chest burst. So the reading of the inevitable release of Nurun Nabi was war “too much to remember.” The inevitable war of liberation “is well written. Without exaggeration. The way I moved from childhood to liberation war is very good. In the end, why did the pace increase a little. The end seemed a little tense. It happened to me since it was a valuable asset to the war Editing.

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